Dear Valued Customer,

We at DFI wanted to give you an update on DFI and our response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

First, we hope you, your families, and your team are all doing well. The stress and frustration alone can be enough to drive one a bit on edge, not to mention, being diagnosed with the virus.

These are certainly times that will go down in the history books. We want you to know we are still here, and we have been actively working to keep a pool of drivers on the ready. Like many, our sales and financial abilities have been very hard hit, and this has made it very difficult to keep spending when you have so little coming in. We have been keeping our staff and drivers paid and we continue to work to reduce cost and manage the business in such a way that keeps us going. We have worked from our homes and learned new ways to conduct business, while ensuring the customer has support when we are called upon. This has not and will not change, if we are blessed to still be here.

Our commitment to you is to be a continued resource for you; as long as we can. We will continue to monitor the situation and make the possible decisions for our drivers and staff. We too are deemed essential and we will make every effort to ensure your customers’ needs are met with every single dispatch. If you safety and response teams have put in place measures or SOP’s to follow, please share these with us so we can ensure compliance from our end.

We will continue to train our folks to be smart by using the social distancing measures, sanitizing, and washing of hands often. We have asked our drivers to put together a kit that they can take with them on the road. This kit should have gloves, mask, liquid soap, bottled water, and sanitizer. We encourage our drivers to wipe down the trucks highly touched areas with disinfectant wipes before a trip and after a trip. We ask that if you have not gone to these measures, to please consider it. This will go a long way to ensure the truck is always as clean as possible for all drivers operating it.

Our business is an extension to your business! We are the insurance you have come to depend on to ensure your customer expectations are met, on time and without disruption. Our services demand has been reduced, because of the virus pandemic. However, we ask you to think, not only about today, but about tomorrow as well. Things will return to normal. We believe the nations resolve is much more powerful than this pandemic. To have a resource to lean on, there must be a resource available. This means we must survive these difficult times. We are small and we run a very tight line between cost and profitability. To be here when things shift, we need your help now. If you have opportunities or hiring needs, we ask that you please consider us to fill those needs. This will keep us going, so you are investing in your own futures and abilities now for demands and crazy busy times tomorrow. There will be challenges we will all face with getting drivers back to work. Many drivers have been furloughed or laid off. With the incentives being offered to drivers, many are receiving very handsome livings without getting off the couch. To get drivers to go back to work the rate of pay would have to be better than that they receive today as incentives. Sounds crazy, but it will be an issue we all will have to navigate. I hope our American spirit and drive will bubble up and we all get back to doing what makes this nation great. Many will, this I am confident of, However, if things come bursting back, there will be a driver shortage and companies will need every resource they can get to get drivers in the door to move freight.

DFI is small against many of our competitors; but we are BIG in spirit and experience and we will not leave your sides. You have been very good to us in our short history and we want to thank you for your business and partnership and loyalty. We are confident we will come out of this storm a stronger, better, and successful driver provider for you.

Client Services

Driver Force, Inc. delivers responsive, cost-effective and reliable staffing solutions.

We provide Guaranteed DOT Certified Commercial Drivers Class A and B drivers for:


Through contract placement, our team of experienced industry professionals will provide you with access to qualified drivers who are rigorously evaluated before they are presented to you. Our proprietary hiring process is designed to ensure that you receive drivers who are the best fit for your short- or long-term needs.



With contract-to-hire services, you have the advantage of ongoing productivity from a contract placement while providing you the opportunity to evaluate the driver’s long-term potential on a daily basis from within your work environment.


Direct Placement

Searching for a driver can be costly and time-consuming. We offer proven solutions to the complexities of full-time hiring. Working with you, we will develop a strategy to supply the best drivers to meet your exact needs and support the success and growth of your company.


New Start Ups/Special Projects

We have the expertise to staff and manage your short and long term projects from inception to completion.


Client Services

Driver Force, Inc. delivers responsive, cost-effective and reliable staffing solutions.

Temporary to Permanent Hiring

With our temporary-to-permanent process, you get to work with drivers directly on a temporary basis. If you decide to keep a driver on, you can put them on your payroll at no additional charge. Our company performs the entire onboarding and employee-seeking process, including job listings, at a much cheaper rate than it would cost an HR department to do. We screen and qualify drivers so you do not have to, saving your company valuable time and resources.

Direct Hire

Ensure that you are hiring reputable drivers by utilizing our direct hire process. We recruit drivers, pre-screen them, and perform all of the background checks, drug screening, and verifications. We then connect you with candidates so your company can interview them. If you decide to hire them, we make the employee available to you for a fee.

We have a 90-day commitment time for employers hiring temporary drivers. Once that commitment is met, we will waive the fee we charge employers to keep the driver on as a full-time employee and they can be paid directly through your own payroll.

Payroll Drivers

Driver Force, Inc. pre-screens, hires, and employs drivers that you can lease from us for your needs. These employees remain entirely on our payroll.

Drivers – Discover a Rewarding Occupation Today

Truck drivers enjoy great job freedom, as well as excellent pay. Experience this flexibility for yourself by letting us connect you with a driving job that gets you home daily, not OTR. Let us help you find work on a temp-to-perm, direct hire, or payroll basis. We can get drivers a foot in the door with companies that previously overlooked them. Drivers are paid weekly.